Thursday, January 06, 2011

Heart thread - Epiphany 2011

A call to prayer from David:
beloved Giants
I've just had news that Paul has brought Mark home from the hospital after early morning surgery on the damaged eye. (retina torn twice since Christmas Eve and immobility of the head since then). Mark as you might remember is one of America's finest poets with what's got to be close to a dozen books published. Paul, his spouse is a excellent writer with two volumes (one novel, the other essays) published, and the two of them are both gifted, generous teachers and beautifully thoughtful men. I'd ask your prayers for both men please. Mark is in quite a bit of pain this evening, and it will be sometime before the outcome of the surgery is known.

Prayers for Frank and Carol as they continue their daily treck to and from the hospital to beat what for Frank is a life-threatening fungus in his lungs.

Prayers or healing, strength and energetic restoration for dear Paul the BB, who underwent serious sinus surgery at the beginning of the week. Thankfully Paul is at home recovering; but here too the outcome of the surgery is still to be determined.

Prayers for the people of Haiti, as they continue to suffer while waiting for their government to 'get real' ( please see today's Oxfam report on the Hatian government inactivity )

thank-you Beloved Giants

love always-always Love

Thank you, David, for keeping us updated and inviting us into deeper connectedness.

I think my sinus surgery is actually deemed routine rather than serious, though when one signs consents the risk list is always scary. I believe #14 or 15 was "death." Well, yes. One of my aunts never emerged from an operating table conscious. But we assumed this would be reasonably simple and except for some heavy, but not too threatening, bleeding it was straightforward.

This morning I shaved for the first time since Saturday. That felt good. I have managed to remove the "nose bag" as blood has mostly stopped draining. I am taking pain pills but I am not hurting. I breathe more easily each day. Kathy and Bill both came by to see me. I watered my back yard (some of the bulbs are sticking up their little noses already). Bill helped me do some January organizing, since I am not allowed to lift or bend over. I got about seven hours of decent sleep last night (interrupted by three hours of wakefulness in the wee hours). This is huge progress and gives me hope for catching up on rest. Michal Anne and Gail sent me a cookie basket (can't eat flowers, ya know) and the palliative and restorative effects of therapeutic cookies is well known. Tonight I will finish up the lovely chicken soup Bruce made.

And every day I get so many lovely notes here and on Facebook and in private e-mails. I could not feel more supported. My love and gratitude to y'all.

--the BB


David@Montreal said...

Glad for your news dear Paul
however anything which involves scalpels up the sinuses and 'nose bag' is serious in my book.

I especially love the news of you surrounded with so much love, support and care- all well deserved my friend, so I know you're taking all the free advice seriously! lol

love you!

Paul said...

Happily they did not need the trephine (circular skull saw) to get to the frontal sinus. They basically did a miniature shop-vac routine to drain the pus out of my sinuses. Very unglamorous. I was busy making sure my living will, power of health care, and durable power of attorney in case of disability were all in place though. And as a bonus my deviated septum is now straightened out, though all the rest of my deviancy remains happily in place.

I am grateful for you ongoing prayers, David, very much so.

it's margaret said...

I too am very glad you are feeling better!

TheCunningRunt said...

I'm glad to hear you're coming through this with loving help (and chicken soup!)

Feel better soon, and prayers ascending for all.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!