Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Personal update - updated

A huge thank you to all whose prayers support me. I am truly grateful.

Today's surgery appears to have gone well. There was a lot done and I bled more than expected. That has calmed down, though. The doctor was able to access and treat all sinuses. My deviated septum has been fixed.

Friend Bruce made a delicious chicken soup and we dined on that this evening, along with a slice of Bill's fruitcake and some therapeutic port.

Bill drove and has stayed with me throughout the day and tonight. Tomorrow he will drive me to the doctor's office to remove packing in the right nostril. The regular followup visit to remove plastic stents supporting my realigned septum will be removed then. This surgery needs to heal before we can tell whether any second operation will be required to get it all. I am hoping they got it all this time around.

I am quite unattractive now. My nose is swollen, though there is no bruising of nose or eyes (it was not a "nose job"). Because of the normal bleeding that can last for a few days, I have a "nose bag" but it is not full of oats. It holds gauze changed frequently. Additionally, in order not to have any nicks that might be points of entry for infections, I have not shaved since Saturday.

I will have friends check in on me daily for a while. I hope that by the weekend I can drive to the gym and ride the bike (reduced resistance) just to keep the legs active. Walking would also work but it has been a tad nippy for that of late.

Had an analgesic and am now going to crawl in bed, propped up on four pillows. Lying down is a sure way to get a killer headache, I am told. No intention of risking that.

And that's the news.

Thanks again for loving support from so many folks all around the world. You're the best.

UPDATE (1/5 - 4:20 PM):

Saw the doctor in his office this afternoon to remove the packing on both sides of my nose. Not usual to pack but I was bleeding heavily during surgery (not anywhere near needing a transfusion but way above average). He was concerned enough to call and check in on me last evening, which I greatly appreciated. Bleeding had eased and I had no fever.

Anyway, today he removed the packing (ouch) and after a brief stuck pig moment, things should be calming down even more. Better yet, I can, at least minimally, now breathe through my nose. Hooray. This may mean I can sleep tonight.

The doctor thinks things went well and are looking good.

We shopped on the way back and I now have food and drink, medical supplies and medications all at hand. I also have plenty of books and movies. Now if I can get caught up on sleep. I may even shave in a day or two. (My mother had a rather unpleasant expression for men who look the way I do today and I am not sharing it here.) Visiting friends are lined up.

Again, thanks to you all.
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

My prayers continue, luv.

susankay said...

Glad that at least that is over. yes, prayers continue.

it's margaret said...

Yaaaaa!!!! Paul's up and around!!! TBTG!!!

TheCunningRunt said...

Prayers still ascending, Paul; it's good to hear that you're "over the hump" on this one - be well soon!

David said...

TBTG indeed!

And thank God for dear Bill, chicken soup, fine port and all those friends lining up to keep an eye on you.

Fran said...

Here with love and a hello!!!

Paul said...

Thanks, everybody. You all keep my spirits up. Today (Epiphany) has been a very good day.