Thursday, February 07, 2008


This morning I noted a new flag and want to say "Welcome" to our visitor from the island of Aphrodite, Cyprus.

This will be a busy day so this is a brief welcome, for which I apologize.
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

Of course I have a story... No I have not been there.

I did get invited to a wedding there once. In January 2005 I was flying to Germany to visit some family and friends.

The plane was not very crowded and there was a woman at the window, open middle seat then me. We began chatting and somehow did not stop until 6am when we landed.

It was a moment of brilliant synchronicity. Despite my financial issues, I must tell you I lead the most blessed and graced life. I meet such amazing people everywhere I go and this woman was no exception.

She was a Jungian therapist in her early 30's, a Cypriot who had lived in NY for many years. She had met an old boyfriend when home in Cyprus 18 months earlier, they went out once again and that was that. Wedding bells, Cyprus style.

His name was Marko, my similar story included my Mark and we also had a million other psychological, spiritual and other things in common.

As we were getting off the plane- Angelika to her flight heading to Cyprus and me to Nuremburg, we realized we had time and went to get some coffee. I was thinking how I would love to be dancing at her wedding with my Mark. Silly!

She looked at me as we walked to the cafe and said "I have this vision of you and your Mark at my wedding- will you come?" I nearly fell over.

Immediately upon my return to the states I started to research Cyprus- and I do long to go there one day. It sounds amazing.

Alas, time and finances did not work allow for us to attend her wedding, but it was remarkable that we shared the same thought at the same time! She elected to spend the next 6 months in London working with a mentor and finishing her dissertation and then would settle in Cyrpus.

We have kept up sporadically and this is a reminder for me to reach out to her!

Oddly enough, I was going to plan a post about that visit to Germany, although not this story.

Even when it sucks I love my life and am grateful.