Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wouldn't you like to know? I would.

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
photo via Crooks and Liars

Mcjoan has a post at Daily Kos titled "What I want to know." In it she references John Dean's March 15, 2003, speech before the California State Democratic Convention and the impact it had in revitalizing passion for politics. Sadly, the questions Dean raised and mcjoan cites are still waiting for answers. Mcjoan goes on to list her own questions for the Democratic contenders. They are good questions. I want answers too.

It's hard to guess at fair use in a list but here are some of her questions that are also mine:
What I want to know is that you will renounce the doctrine of preemptive war.
What I want to know is that you will take care of the men and women who gave their all for us in Iraq and Afghanistan, that you will end the shameful lack of funding, services, and treatment these brave men and women face when they come home, and that you will ensure they get the help that they not only need, but deserve.

What I want to know is that you will unequivocally renounce the use of torture and will agree to abide by the Geneva Conventions and international treaties on the treatment of prisoners of war.
What I want to know is that you will hold any corporation that aided government in illegally spying on American citizens accountable to the rule of law.
What I want to know is that you will never attempt to circumvent Congress's laws with signing statement.

There are lots more. Go read 'em.
--the BB

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Kalirati said...

Right on!

And will you return land to Iraq and contribute aid not weapons, schools not security, clean water not war.