Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ordem e progreso

A guest from Brazil stopped by today and here is a hearty welcome!

This is another of the flags that I have in my physical collection. I believe there was a moment when they were going for (and won) the World Cup in 2002 that I was, literally, wrapped in the Brazilian flag. Hey, you gotta get excited now and then.

I also remember when my ex got home from a business trip in South America. The flight from Miami to San Francisco included a contingent of Brazilian fans. I had never seen so much yellow and green at one time in my life and the energy level was seriously elevated.

For those of us who supported Maddy and Lisbeth's appeal last December there is also the tie of joining together to do something for the kids in Cidade de Deus through the ministry of Cristo Rei Anglican Church in Rio.

So here's to folks who know how to play football (and I do not refer to the Superbowl right now) and to dance and party! Can you imagine Carnaval in Rio right now? The reports from Panamá are wild enough (thanks, Mickey).

(Oh, btw, when my ex was briefly in Rio for business the report was that Cariocas consider clothes a nuisance; one wears as little as necessary. I like that. If I could, I'd be in gym shots and a T-shirt all the time.)
--the BB


Jane R said...

And now you know why some of us girls (and some of you boys) watch soccer: LEGS!

Paul said...

I love soccer. So much faster moving than American games. Yes, legs are nice too.