Friday, May 16, 2008

Господи помилуй - 5/16/2008

California Supreme Court: State constitution gives gays the right ...
San Jose Mercury News - 1 hour ago
By Howard Mintz and Denis C. Theriault For four years, the gay rights movement has clung to the hope that the California Supreme Court would reverse its flagging political and legal fortunes across the country and legalize same-sex marriage.
California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban New York Times

I just want to correct the first headline. I believe they did not give a right; they recognized that a right inherently existed under the California Constitution. Which was originally written in two official languages, Spanish and English, by the way.

Veto-proof farm spending bill passes SenateSan Francisco Chronicle - 3 hours ago
(05-16) 04:00 PDT Washington - -- The Senate passed the $290 billion, five-year farm bill by a strong veto-proof margin Thursday, ensuring that the measure becomes law despite President Bush's threatened veto, which would be the first presidential veto ...

Chinese netizens move to adopt earthquake orphans
Xinhua - 50 minutes ago
LANZHOU, May 16 (Xinhua) -- Many Chinese netizens have proposed adopting children who lost parents in Monday's massive earthquake.

Suspected suicide blast kills 9 in Sri Lanka
Reuters - 1 hour ago
COLOMBO, May 16 (Reuters) - Nine people, including seven policemen, were killed when a suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomber on a motorbike rammed a bus in the Sri Lankan capital on Friday, the military and hospital authorities said.

Lebanese Government, Hezbollah Seek End to Political Stalemate
Bloomberg - 2 hours ago
By Daniel Williams and Massoud A. Derhally May 16 (Bloomberg) -- Lebanon's pro-western government and Hezbollah, the Shiite Muslim party that leads the opposition, seek an end to 18 months of political stalemate today in talks brokered by the Arab ...

Africa: Challenges of Democratic Transition - 1 hour ago
The challenges confronting Africa's democratic experiments are many and complex and include entrenching constitutionalism and the reconstruction of the postcolonial state, writes Femi Falana.
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader to Return Home, But Would Regime Cooperate Voice of America
Election date "within 48 hours" Zimbabwe election chief says Monsters and

Chávez and Colombia
Wall Street Journal - 2 hours ago
Interpol yesterday issued its findings on the authenticity of the computer files seized from Colombian terrorists in March, and they won't make Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez's day.
Venezuela weapons worry US, Colombia The Associated Press
FARC Computer Files Are Authentic, Interpol Probe Finds Washington Post

Cold Comfort for Polar Bears
Wall Street Journal - 2 hours ago
By JIM CARLTON Visitors to some of the oil fields that fringe Alaska's Beaufort Sea get this rather disturbing warning before venturing out into the Arctic cold: Look carefully under cars in the parking lot and the buildings on stilts.

Wildlife populations 'plummeting'
BBC News - 7 hours ago
Between a quarter and a third of the world's wildlife has been lost since 1970, according to data compiled by the Zoological Society of London.

Bush Wraps Up Visit to Israel, Heads to Saudi Arabia for Oil Talks
Wall Street Journal - 57 minutes ago
AP JERUSALEM -- President Bush wrapped up his stay in Israel with no movement on Mideast peace. The president hoped to fare better in Saudi Arabia, where he will talk with King Abdullah about soaring gas prices.

Shingles Vaccine Recommended
New York Times - 6 hours ago
By BLOOMBERG NEWS People 60 or older should be vaccinated with Zostavax against shingles, a painful disorder related to chickenpox, health officials said.
CDC Recommends Shingles Vaccine for Those Over 60 Washington Post

'Bin Laden' call targets Israel
BBC News - 1 hour ago
A new audio message purported to be from Osama Bin Laden has called for Muslims to continue the fight to liberate Palestinian lands.
Bin Laden vows to fight Israel on 60th anniversary Reuters UK

Burma's Junta Will Survive the Cyclone
Wall Street Journal - 6 hours ago
By LESLIE HOOK It's tempting to see the destruction wrought by Cyclone Nargis as a catalyst for democratic change in Burma. After all, other unpopular regimes have been undermined by natural disasters - think Managua in 1972, or Mexico City in 1985.

Burmese junta says relief effort 'finished' as death toll rises
Times Online - 1 hour ago
Aid agencies were appalled today as the Burmese junta declared the relief effort in the country over, just as foreign observers said the number of dead and missing in the wake of Cyclone Nargis could be higher than 200000.
Burma storm aid frustrations grow BBC News
Survivors seek refuge from rain amid the death and turmoil

US House blocks Iraq war money, sets pullout plan
Reuters - 10 hours ago
By Richard Cowan WASHINGTON, May 15 (Reuters) - The US House of Representatives, in a surprise and largely symbolic move, defeated legislation on Thursday to fund the war in Iraq for another year. But it also sent the Senate a controversial troop ...

Iraq: Iranian Embassy convoy ambushed
The Associated Press - 2 hours ago
Iran blamed the United States for the ambush, saying Washington's threats against Iran encourage terrorist attacks against Iranian interests in Iraq. "Responsibility for providing security to diplomats as well as diplomatic and international bodies in ...

Le président chinois Hu Jintao se rend dans la région sinistrée
Le Point - Il y a 4 heures
Le président chinois Hu Jintao (à droite) et son Premier ministre Wen Jiabao à Mianyang, dans le Sichuan. Le chef de l'Etat visite le Sichuan pour rencontrer des victimes du tremblement de terre qui pourrait avoir fait plus de 50.000 morts, ...
Une catastrophe si bien exploitée Libération
Le séisme chinois aurait causé plus de 50.000 morts La

Nigeria/oléoduc: reprise des opérations de secours, bilan confus - Il y a 59 minutes
LAGOS - Les opérations de secours ont repris vendredi matin au Nigeria sur le site de l'explosion d'un oléoduc alors que la plus grande confusion régnait quant au bilan. Alors qu'un responsable de la Croix rouge nigériane avait annoncé hier la mort ...
Au moins 100 morts après l'incendie d'un pipeline

2 Canadians injured in suicide bombing in Afghanistan - 1 hour ago
Two Canadian soldiers were slightly wounded Friday in a suicide bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, while two Afghan soldiers were also injured.

God, Stir the Soil
God, stir the soil,
Run the plowshare deep,
Cut the furrows round and round,
Overturn the hard, dry ground,
Spare no strength, nor toil,
Even though I weep.
In the loose, fresh mangled earth
Sow new seed.
Free of withered vine and weed
Bring fair flowers to birth.

—Prayer from Church Mission Society, Singapore

--the BB

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