Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oops! Our bad.

This from Digby, citing documents obtained by the ACLU:
One of the documents released to the ACLU is a list of at least four prisoner deaths that were the subject of Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) investigations. The NCIS document contains new information about the deaths of some of these prisoners, including details about Farhad Mohamed, who had contusions under his eyes and the bottom of his chin, a swollen nose, cuts and large bumps on his forehead when he died in Mosul in 2004. The document also includes details about Naem Sadoon Hatab, a 52-year-old Iraqi man who was strangled to death at the Whitehorse detainment facility in Nasiriyah in June 2003; the shooting death of Hemdan El Gashame in Nasiriyah in March 2003; and the death of Manadel Jamadi during an interrogation after his head was beaten with a stove at Abu Ghraib in November 2003.

[Digby comments:]
There was nothing illegal or immoral about any of this, of course, because the president has proclaimed that the US doesn't torture.
Burn in hell, Bush, burn in hell.

[Yes, that is a really hateful and frequent refrain in my thoughts. Until Bush repents, I'm not likely to either.]
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

This turns my stomach and wrenches my heart.

God have mercy on us all, God have mercy on us all.