Sunday, May 11, 2008

So short!

The time I got to spend back home in Albuquerque was short. Way too short. But still, I got to have some time at home. Did some shopping, some catch-up blogging, and attended mass at San Gabriel this morning. By 9:15 Central Daylight Time this evening I was back in the apartment in River Ridge, unpacked, and firing up the laptop.

Last Sunday I worshiped at St. Anna's on the Eaplanade in New Orleans and here is the photo I took of the church interior. Finally got home to download photos. St. Anna's had a ministry to musicians following Katrina. A guest filled in last Sunday and the music rocked.

Alas, the photo taken of Mimi and me with my camera did not merit posting (I doubt even photoshopping would help), so we will stick with the nice photo already made famous elsewhere.
Since it is the evening of Pentecost and the hours of the Great Fifty Days of Easter are trickling away, I will post a finally double Alleluia to mark the occasion. It is one I actually put together during the first days of Easter and have had at the ready. Time to use it. I hope you have all had a wonderful Eastertide with fresh risen life popping up in delightful and life-giving surprise.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

I loved seeing the interior of St. Anna's!

Alleluia Alleluia indeed!

Kirstin said...

St. Anna's still has the ministry to musicians. It's a Wednesday night thing.

So glad you went--and thanks for the pix!