Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worked a short day today

... and I'm taking tomorrow off. I will go to church tomorrow morning then hand the car over to my car pool buddy, stay at home and chill. A chance to blog some more. I have one idea for a post that has been fermenting since yesterday evening.

Last night I cooked up a dish of lentils, brown rice, mango chipotle chicken sausage, onion, orange bell pepper, celery, sun-dried tomatoes, thyme, black pepper, and chicken broth. Had it for lunch today. Lovely!

Tonight on the way home I made a quick stop and picked up more strawberries, a rotisserie chicken (just had some for supper), a pint of Haagen-Dasz, and a bottle of Bacardi Añejo. If anyone wonders what my favorite drink is it is not, no matter what I may have said on other folks' blogs, sex on the beach. It's Añejo and Diet Pepsi, with or without some fresh lime. And very strong on the rum. Only drink it when I am home and not driving anywhere. I have begun my weekend quite officially, as the buzz is beginning. Life looks up!

More later.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Have fun!! I am in Binghamton NY, that hotbed of TEC activity around Matt Kennedy and his lot and I am not drinking Bacardi.

I am however drinking red wine!

Paul said...

I loves me some red wine, darlin'. Go for it!

If you pick up any local dirt, or even color commentary, on MK, I will be all ears (or eyes).

Kirstin said...


Where you goin' tomorrow?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, you and your rum and Diet-Pepsi(?) have a lovely evening. And I wish you a great day chillin' - after church, of course.

I'm nearly breathless waiting for your blogging brilliance to appear tomorrow.

Jane R said...

Have a great time, darlin'!

Am unable to e-mail or really to blog - this is a one minute break at the place where I have printed out my boarding pass for tonight's trip back home.

The food and drink sound great.

Trip to Boston good. Memorial service moving. Now have a load of work dumped on me which will restrict blogging et al. for a week or two. After that, things will ease.

I did have a most excellent hot mocha with a chocolate croissant (actually what the French call a pain au chocolat in Harvard Square. Next time you go there, the place is Burdick's (hope I got the name right), the new-ish chocolate place on Brattle Street. Leave calorie counter and cholesterol issues at the door.

Hugs to all y'all. Over and out.

Paul said...

Mimi, the pressure to be brilliant is overwhelming. I might rely on the grace I was so full of after Communion at St Andrew's but a short while ago... but then there's that bit of cursing moments thereafter in traffic. I'll see what comes up.

Jane, I have a great fondness for pain au chocolat - even, maybe especially, the schoolboy version of a semi-sweet chocolate bar shoved in a chunk of good baguette. Alas, those genuine baguettes do not abound on this side of the pond. I would never fret about calories or cholesterol given the chance to have serious French croissants. Hang in there, darlin'!

FranIAm said...

Not one thing. My SIL is a non-practicing Ukrainian Orthodox and her best friend is an 85 yo former Catholic nun.

I got nothing other than that they know there has been "trouble" over at that church.