Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I can't keep up these days...

... but Marcy Wheeler has several posts on torture and the Department of Justice:

Out of Scope: The DOJ IG Report
The scope of DOJ's IG report on torture says as much as the rest of the conclusion: when DOJ appealed to the National Security Council to resolve the problems created by CIA's and DOD's use of torture, those appeals went nowhere.

DOD and Torture Declassification Timing

As it turns out, yes, the sudden (partial) responsiveness had started two weeks earlier, on March 28. That means DOD first sent its declassification comments to DOJ just three days before Daniel Dell'Orto declassified John Yoo's torture memo.
CIA Once Again Buries Information on Abu Zubaydah’s Torture
While there are surely other reasons why the CIA destroyed the torture tape, one thing the destruction of the tapes did was to eliminate one key piece of evidence that led the CIA's own IG to conclude that the CIA's interrogation methods were cruel and inhumane.

Well, over the course of the DOJ's IG investigation into interrogation techniques, the CIA once again prevented investigators from accessing information--this time in the form of an interview of Abu Zubaydah--that would contribute to a conclusion that interrogation treatment was cruel and inhumane. In a footnote, DOJ's IG report reveals that it interviewed High-Value Detainees at Gitmo, but that CIA refused to let DOJ's IG to interview Abu Zubaydah.
Marcy is the ever-terrific emptywheel.
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