Friday, May 23, 2008

More from my homeboys

W is coming to Albuquerque next Tuesday. Ugh. Moral pollution has been high enough in a state notorious for corruption (sorry, but the truth). We don't need him around.

But we do have a new ad from Martin Heinrich to run while W's in town. I hope my contribution helped make it happen.

And, on the senatorial front, Tom Udall, a NM representative running for Pajamas Pete Domenici's seat. He got another chunk of my "stimulus check." I want to stimulate a renewal of this nation, not just the economy.

There's an interview with him in the NM Independent. Here is one of two new ads from his campaign.

NM has a chance to replace both Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici this year. I think that's pretty exciting.
--the BB, blogging from his home in New Mexico this weekend!

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