Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travel day

I arose at 5:15 central daylight time, as is my current wont (though definitely not my want) and got to work at 7:00  though it took 20 minutes to get me into the building.  My security badge quit working some time last Thursday.  It got me into the building that morning but not out of it again that evening.  Since then I have to surrender my driver's license each morning and be signed in.

At 12:30 I caught a taxi to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and was duly in place way before my flight.  We had thunderstorms today in NOLA.  Planes are not fueled until at least 6 minutes have passed since the last lightning strike in the area.  They were also hoping for a break in the storm.  We were, to say the least, delayed.  In fact, we were allowed to get off the plane and reboard rather than stay cooped up for an hour or more.

I not only missed my connection in Phoenix but the flight after that.  The last flight of the day from Phoenix to ABQ usually would leave at 8:55 but there have been storms all over today and most of the flights here in Phoenix have been delayed too and so my flight, the only one left today, is slated to leave at 9:45, which would put it into Albuquerque just a bit before midnight.

You alert readers!  You noticed that I typed "here in Phoenix."  Yes, that is where I am right now, using the Skyport's wireless connection.  By my watch, which is still on Central Daylight Time, it is now 10:47 pm.  I just remembered that Arizona does not observe daylight savings time so here it is only 8:47.  Tell that to my body.  My body is going to feel as though it is getting to bed no sooner than 1:30 am NOLA time.

No phone calls Friday morning, please.


FranIAm said...

Oh no!

I am so sorry to hear this. Ugh. Travel.

Get your rest good friend!!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, what a mess. Poor baby. Whatcha gonna do? Ya gotta make a livin'. Have a lovely, restful weekend.

My son-in-law is flying all over Europe on business - a different country every day. Poor baby, too.

Paul said...

I was tired but not feeling sorry for myself. It happens and I was only one of thousands who had to reschedule their lives yesterday. I was actually in good spirits and had good energy up until about the time I did this post. From there on I was frazzled and drained and fuzzy-brained. But I got 7 hours sleep (more than almost any night in a month) and I plan to sleep in tomorrow as late as I can.

Journeying mercies to your SIL, Mimi.