Sunday, May 18, 2008

A very belated but genuine welcome

I did not mean to slight our first Azeri guest but have so little time to blog these days that I had to wait a while. Welcome!

We need a map, of course. Well, it is I, after all. And I love maps. This should help y'all locate Azerbaijan in your mind's eye or in the South Caucasus, should you chance to head that way.

The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku, the language is Azerbaijani (a Turkic tongue), the predominant religion is Shi'ite Muslim.

The Ministry of Tourism provides us with this video introduction to the country.

Great Dances of Azerbaijan Republic: Land of Fires.



The video quality on these dances is poor but one still gets the music and the moves.

--the BB

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Lindy said...

Paul this is a beautiful introduction to a country I didn't know anything about. I love the way you bring the world together!
Lindy and Rowan