Saturday, June 07, 2008

$4/gallon coming soon to a filling station near you

As I was listening to Marketplace on NPR yesterday (I must have left work early), the comment was made that nothing was happening to supply that would prompt a ten-dollar jump in crude oil price; it all seemed to be driven by "perception."

Chris in Paris writes a bit about this news (whence I snaffled the price shown above).

I still plan to drive around a bit in NOLA this weekend.

Off to work (for a while)!
--the BB


Tandaina- said...

Coming soon? It's been over $4 here for a couple weeks now.

Earthbound Spirit said...

We're already at >$4/gal in Chicagoland, and mass transit fares went up recently, too.

FranIAm said...

I've been paying from $4 to $4.15 since Memorial Day. I just paid $4.07 today.

We are so sca-rooooood.

Perception is reality indeed it seems.

Paul said...

Y'all see what an isolated life I lead?

The SF Bay Area has traditionally been in the neighborhood of 15 cents higher than the national average, in spite of refineries being located practically next door to where I lived. That was my reality for the past quarter of a century. New Mexico is not quite so high, for whatever reason. I don't look at gas prices unless I am pulling into a station to buy some but yesterday, after hearing the radio, I glanced at a sign touting regular at $3.899. So the $4.00 gallon had not hit me between the eyes just yet.

My sympathies to one and all. Now, when the HELL are the car manufacturers going to change their approach and stop building behemoth (plural of behema)? And why haven't the feds passed stricter cafe standards? Oh, that's right, oil men are running the country. How could I forget?