Sunday, June 01, 2008

Señor, ten piedad - 6/1/2008

SusanKay sends this request:
Prayers please for Mike D'armour, our local canon nine vicar, who has just been dignosed with inoperable brain cancer and for his wife Bev, co-chair of our Caring Community. Mike founded the Durango, CO community Thanksgiving Diner and has made an impressive journey from from conservative to inclusive. Pray for peace and healing for Mike and Bev and all who love them.
[Emphases in all of these are mine]

Via OCICBW we read these:
From Nina G:

Bishop Laura of JUNIA'S DAUGHTER asks for your prayers for herself and her family. She is in the hospital after an emergency admission. I had not heard from her for some time, and was surprised to get the call. I am pretty much out of the blogsphere and trying hard to make my life work, but I do pray for you all.
PRESBYTERIAN GIRL writes on her own blog:

Dear Friends,

I just learned tonight that a dear friend from my days with Covenant Players has been diagnosed with gall bladder cancer. Would you join me in praying for Kathy's strength, stamina and healing?

Thank you.
Roseann at GIVEPEACEACHANCE PLEASE, who, as many of you will know, is very poorly at the moment with serious organ failure, wrote this on her blog yesterday:

Tomorrow is our anniversary and I feel sad for my husband. He would be much better off without me.
We can give thanks with Tandaina:
Thank you all for your prayers. I felt carried and supported all weekend. The commission met with me this afternoon and asked some very good questions. I must have responded well enough because they discussed for about five minutes after my interview and then informed me that they are recommending me for Postulancy.

Thank you again, dear friends. Now I go to collapse.
We pray for Leo launching a new blog at Getting There in My Own Time.
(h/t to Padre Mickey for that one)

Would y'all be so good as to hold up our friend Jane R as she labors on her thousands of obligations. As she reported, "I have been working very hard, but things are now easing off."

Jane also asked prayers for her friend Jim "who is co-chair of the Democratic Party Rules Committee!" We all know how stressful that has been in these past few days.

And she adds this:
Prayers and good thoughts are also welcome for my friend Ken (see comments) who just lost his job. Or to put it more exactly, whose corporate employer took his job (and the jobs of a bunch of other people) away from him.
We continue to prayer for MP:
I have just heard that the position I have been waiting on for the last 6 months has been scuppered by the deanery concerned as they feel it does not warrant a full time priest. In theory this can be overturned by higher authorities but goodness knows how long that would take. I have been sent a list of other jobs that are in the pipeline but all the relevant ones are, at least, 6 months away from interviews as my diocese likes a long inter regnum so they can rent the vicarage out for 6 months and save on salaries (it's the only way we can break even at the moment).

Although I haven't quite lost the will to live, I am losing the will to get out of bed in the morning and that old black dog is a-licking at my heals.
For Bishop Gene at Lambeth (there is a call to help defray the cost of his security there).

For Max and L. (see here and here) and Kirstin.

For the Cunning Runt in his efforts to stay in dialogue with anti-anti-war protesters.

For spell check that doesn't like my old-fashioned way of spelling dialogue. Harrumph.

For those living with car, terrorism, oppression, violence, natural disasters (esp. China and Myanmar at the moment plus the long-term recoveries like New Orleans), drought and famine and floods and the like, plagues and incurable illness.

For the grace to be channels of grace.

Kyrie, eleison.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers ascending.

Kirstin said...

Thank you.

Diane said...

oh yes, praying for all.

The Cunning Runt said...

Paul, I'm on it. Your list of prayer requests, that is. I'll be spinning wheels and flying flags to Father Sky and doing dances to Mother Earth.

Hey, being culturally confused doesn't have to mean I don't care...

And thanks for the shout-out, I can use all the help I can get. This bunch ain't budging. But I'm not done trying. ;)