Saturday, June 07, 2008

Take your daughters to work day

Well, it's Saturday and we were all in the mood for a romp. I did not get around to the touring with camera I had hoped because, when I finally shut down the computer, I had put in 7.5 hours at the office, and that with a late start.

But the girls were not about to stay at home if there was a chance I might go gallivanting about town.

So here are Belle (left) and Maggie (right), checking out the scenery from my cubicle - and pretty nice scenery it is. Regular viewers will have seen this view here before but the ladies were scoping it all out - and keeping me company. It was a skeleton crew, about ten of us when I came in.

I could not deprive them of a glance out the opposite side of the building, so here they are looking toward the riverfront and watching a tug pulling a barge along the Mississippi.

We took a slightly different path back toward the car park and caught sight of this moderne decor and cool poster below it.

What fun!

And how about these insets in the sidewalk? I really don't know, but I am guessing they mark where very early families lived in NOLA. Any locals care to enlighten me? [I think Mimi may have said something about these but, having very little in the way of short-term auditory memory, I cannot recall for sure.]

This one reads "Pelican Homestead." I forgot to enhance the contrast before posting. It has a partner inset for those approaching in the opposite direction, not that many feet further down the sidewalk.

I could try looking it up on the web, but then I would not get stories from folks who have lived or visited here, and stories are more fun.

I took other photos today, all architectural details, but I am pausing now.

Oh, btw, the girls think I am rather a silly bear. They think this all the time, as do all my children, but especially now. Belle, being a river horse, and Maggie being a dolphin, don't see what the anxiety I have about being below water level is all about. But then, Maggie has never been in a hurricane and if Belle was it has been many years since.

More on water levels in NOLA during Katrina later.

--the BB


FranIAm said...

LOVELY!!! Those girls are the best!!

The second photo brought back a unique Nola memory of mine (its been awhile since I launched into one of these...)from 19??? I can't recall.

Maybe 1990.

I was at a Big Ass Convention for my former industry. There was a party at the top of that tall building. I was very pleased to be standing there watching a very large chef Paul Prudhomme zipping around a makeshift open kitchen on a little motorized cart, like you see in the supermarket - supervising the food prep. He would literally dip a finger into a pot of something, consume the sauce off of said finger and pause... Then it would be deemed fine or not. If not, a set of instructions was shouted out to the cooks.

Imagine someone sticking their finger in food today and not getting arrested. It did not bother me that he did this BTW, that's just how I roll. The food was amazing - sublime - delicious - unreal.

After we ate the music began and I stood in front of the stage, which was a slightly elevated riser type thing. There - not 10 feet from me - stood Aaron Neville who sang his heart out.

It was like being in a church for the senses.

OK, shutting up now.

Paul said...

Way to go, Fran! Bring on the stories, folks.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Pelican Homestead was a savings and loan business in New Orleans, which must have been located in the building near the markers. The S&Ls were called homesteads back in the day.

Very nice pictures. I'm sure the girls had a wonderful time. Do you take the pics with the girls in full view of your co-workers? Do they think you're nuts?

Paul said...

Thanks for info, Mimi. Now we all know!

Only one of my coworkers came over to where I sit yesterday and she seemed to take it in stride, even though we've really only started to get to know each other. I think most of the folks I've worked with know I'm nuts, so nothing to keep in the closet there. I believe the subcategory is "eccentric but harmless" though OCICBW.

FranIAm said...

Eccentric, harmless and completely lovable... OCICBW2!!!

Paul said...

Fran, you are very kind, as ever, but it is early Monday morning and I would not push the "completely lovable" label very far. Urghmflxtp.