Monday, June 02, 2008


I still feel bad about the time Mimi challenged her readers to figure out what AMDG meant. She had barely clicked on "publish" when I read it and immediately responded, thereby spoiling all the fun of guessing and debating amongst us all. Still sorry, Grandmère.

So, this photo's for Mimi, by way of apology.
It is carved over the doorway of the rectory of Immaculate Heart, the Jesuit parish on Baronne that I have mentioned before. I took a few steps out of my way while returning from lunch so I could grab a few shots of the exterior. (This is the church I mistook for Orthodox when looking at the onion domes on its front towers from a 23rd story window.)

This shot, on the corner of Carondolet and Common, shows a fragment of the rebuilding effort in the Central Business District. I walk by it every day and we passed it in the streetcar yesterday.

Even items that could use repairs have their beauty. Isn't this a lovely base for the device that tells me when I can cross the street?

I am losing track of the photos and can't be bothered to pop over and scroll down to see if I have posted this urban canyon shot yet or not.

Or this fabulous door.

And where did I get my lunch every day while we worked at the former building? (And where did I have lunch today?)
The Tulane hospital cafeteria - a great bargain for quite good food. Granted, when you first walk in to the pavilion where the police keep watch over the lobby, there is a whiff of hospital smell. But you quickly forget it as you navigate toward the food and never notice it again. Fried chicken, spicy rice and beans, cornbread muffins, chicken fried steak, shrimp curry, stuffed peppers, blackened catfish - you never know what the home style offerings of the day might be. Pizza, cheeseburgers or grilled chicken on a bun, do-it-yourself salads sold by weight, wraps, sushi, desserts. Whatever tickles your fancy.

This is looking down Loyola Avenue from Tulane Avenue, an intersection through which I drive six days a week.

And this is the garage where we park. It functions but you can tell it is not fully "restored."
A couple final shots of Immaculate Heart. You gotta love the brick and tile work here.

A little Moorish influence.
And that concludes today's photo tour of New Orleans (or a few small spots where I hang out).
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, when I worked downtown, I sometimes went to mass at Jesuit Church, as we called it. There was a noon mass everyday.

I forgive you about the AMDG. The pictures make up for it. IT had it quickly, too, because she works or worked at a Jesuit university.

I really am going to do a post about our day. I didn't have a chance to load my pictures into the computer today.

Paul said...

Mimi, you had some great photos. I look forward to them.

Thanks for absolution. You know I'm naughty enough to need it. Often.

BooCat said...

Oh, Paul, Thanks for the photos. They make me ache with the need to put my car out on I-59 and head south into New Orleans. Merely seeing them triggers that dormant something that is always just below the surface when it comes to that city. Making the trip is not an option for me at the present, so the pictures are a delight.

Kirstin said...

I know that hospital, too. (See here and here.)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, you can go visit yourself at my blog.

Paul said...

Well, boocat, I'm glad to oblige. Got word today that work might be extended and I expect to keep on taking photos, hoping to branch out of the work neighborhood on weekends.

Diane said...

thanks for the tour, Paul!

Lindy said...

I'm loving the photos Paul. Thank you.