Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hoping to post more soon

Very long work day. I still have to welcome our visitors from Aruba and the Bermudas.

Patience, my naughty chipmunks.
--the BB


Jane R said...

Urk! urk! (trying to make chipmunk noise)

susankay said...

Sorry -- the chipmunk reference got to me. I have to tell a story about Mike Darmour a local priest who died very quickly (guided by all your prayers) a couple of weeks ago.

We had just had our windows washed by Alvin (that's the chipmunk connection) and it somehow came up that he had joined the local Episcopal Mission Church. We asked why; had he been an Episcopalian before he moved here? His response was: No, he had never been an Episcopalian but Father Mike had been his truant officer when he was in High School and he had the feeling that Mike would come and get him again if he didn't show up at church. (Mike had had a VARIED career)

Paul said...

Jane dear, I'm concerned. It sounds more as though you are attempting to launch a hairball or in need of a Heimlich. Perhaps you should have this seen to.

[silly grin]

Susankay, what a great story about Mike and Alvin. May Mike now rest in peace and rise in glory. My understanding of peace does not, of course, preclude lively activities and tons of fun, just no angst to go with it.

Jane R said...

Well, I am good at accents (did I ever pull a Russian accent on you?) but my foreign language knowledge does have a few limitations and I'm afraid that I have very little experience with Chipmunk. (I just cracked up again about the hairball. You're right, I sounded like a cat about to -- well, enough.) I can't do goose honking either but I posted some cute baby geese photos just now. (Sorry for the blog-wh----g. And go see the beautiful mountain views over at Caminante's.)

Paul said...

Thanks! Will check tomorrow. For now, way past bedtime.