Thursday, June 19, 2008

There was some mild sibling rivalry

Last weekend there was some gentle dissension on the home front. In short, the rest of the kids are jealous of Maggie and Belle having their NOLA adventures. I even heard a cry of "can we have our own blog?" to which Daddy replied firmly, "No."

I know. I am an old meanie. Love my kids but I am simply not up to such an adventure. However, I did promise that other kids may have adventures that get shared online. Eventually. Over time. I have a lot of kids. You'd think I were a Mormon, a Catholic, or a passionate Baptist. But y'all know better.

Anyway, here are Belle and Maggie checking out a photo of Her Ladyship, the Right Rev'd and Right Hon. Maya Pavlova of North Carolina, who kindly sent me a pastoral letter to cheer me up and encourage me, which is certainly did.

We all need some kitteh love now and again, even those of us who sneeze around kittehs.

Actually, as four of us rode home this evening after work we joked about it feeling like playing hooky. We split at 7:30 when the boss wasn't looking and it was still daylight. Woohoo, don't we know how to be wild!? That is purely ironic and rhetorical, y'all don't need to comment, as if I needed to say so.

So I have already been able to do a fair chunk of blog reading and have munched on some lovely extra sharp cheddar and crackers with my Coke (yes, we may have preferences but we don't discriminate) enhanced by three fingers of rum (in the first go around and some more in the second). Feeling very mellow at the moment. Lest y'all worry, I eat large lunches and really need very little food in the evening. And I almost always get either my oatmeal or an omelet in the morning. Most nights involve zero alcohol also, so I'm not dissipating down here, no matter what rumors you may have heard.

Godde bless the kittehs and all the other critters!

Don't forget to send some love over to the Cunning Runt who's got the blues but can't sing about them on Basin Street, as I can these days.

La K has begun her interferon treatments. Let's knit her a virtual prayer shawl (while others work on an incarnate one).

Nice to get home and have some energy for blogging.
--the BB


Kirstin said...

Thank you. :-)

The Cunning Runt said...

Thanks, Paul.

I popped over to Kirstin's - what a Sweetie, and what a brave Gurrrl! I may have to learn how to pray again.

Hey, moan me a Country Blues, and I'll post you some country pictures. :)

Paul said...

My forest is concrete

on girders of steel

The Lord pity my feet

'cause all that they feel

is sidewalk and stone

jars me clear to the bone

makes me wanna moan

the where is my country blues!

You know I miss my mother

and each animal my brother

or my sister, I'm so lonely

and the city rat's the only

critter here to keep my comp'ny

Oh, I'm missing me my country

Where the earth caresses sweetly

And the grasses blow so neatly

Lord, I gots me such a case of

the where is my country blues.


[Tag, CR; you're on!]

Padre Mickey said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Kirstin said...


The Cunning Runt said...

[ ...goes belly up like a simpering pup... ]