Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The cold snap is over

With the advent of Fay over the weekend temperatures dropped in this region. While the daily high has hovered around 91 degrees, give or take a few degrees, since I arrived here at the end of April, things dipped to around 84. We're back up to normal now.

By the time she got to New Orleans, Fay was just a long stretch of rain, off and on but mostly on. I stayed indoors on Sunday and avoided it.

When we left the office building this evening I felt slapped by the heat. Yep, back to normal. (It's actually not all that bad. I do have to adapt to the moisture in the air but I grew up where many days were over 100 and some up to 115.)
--the BB

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susan s. said...

Yeah, but it was a dry heat...