Monday, August 25, 2008

Mimi shares great wisdom with us

Which she often does, amid sundry frivolity (Doug is such an evil influence).

For those who have enjoyed the virtual tour of New Orleans that comes from my photography or considered deeper issues when Kirstin was here last January and wrote at length, Mimi now shares her experience at the Rising Tide Conference.

Building on John Barry's talk, Mimi comments as follows:
Dams for producing electricity in North and South Dakota prevent sediment from moving down the Mississippi River to build up wetlands in Louisiana. 10,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines run through the Louisiana marshlands. The pipelines have contributed greatly to land loss. Louisiana produces a large portion of the oil and gas used in the US today, one fourth, I believe. Were the oil and gas wells, the pipelines, and the refineries in Louisiana put out of business, the rest of country would suffer greatly.

It may be hard for folks from other parts of the country to understand that what happens in Louisiana is not simply a local issue. Purely out of self-interest, if for no other reason, attention must be paid.
Read more at her post and those that precede and follow it.

Our lives are all so closely interwoven one cannot pull any thread without affecting the entire fabric.
--the BB

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