Monday, August 25, 2008

Heart thread - 8/25/2008

I ask your thoughts, meditations, prayers, and good wishes for Jan Briggs as she moves closer to the Light.

From her daughter Carrie, in an e-mail to family and friends:
I spoke with the doctor today, and finally got an official, definitive answer that she is in fact in the 'actively dying' stage. Of course, they cannot tell us when for sure, as that comes from somewhere far beyond human grasp (in my opinion)....but 1 - 3 days has been a common answer from several of the nurses providing her care, who all also provide the CYA 'could be' scenarios.

Sharon and I are at the hospital 24-7, except for very brief moments when I have to run home to take care of my pets, but someone is ALWAYS with her no matter what. Rest assured, she knows that how loved she is, how missed she will be, and how happy she is to have had each and every one of you in her life.

Please continue your prayers, good vibes, loving thoughts, etc, we all know mom can feel them, and they provide us strength as well.

Jan is my sister Iva's niece.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Prayers, prayers - so many prayers!

Jane R said...

Amen, Fran and Paul. Thank you for sharing the letter with us, and prayer of accompaniment. I feel the peace descending on Jan. It is praying in us. As it does in her.

susankay said...

Prayers, of course.

Paul said...

Thank you all for your prayers. I will let Jan's family know of your support.

susan s. said...

Prayers from here, too.