Monday, September 22, 2008

About that "elitist" meme

Don't you get tired of it? I do. I remember the "egghead" label being stuck on Adlai Stevenson, something that was anathema to the bulk of the American populace. Heaven forbid we should value knowledge or clear and critical thinking!

Yes, Obama is highly intelligent, educated, and articulate. Shouldn't we want that in the leader of a great nation? Do we really want a doofus? (Please don't remind me that we already have one. Look where that has gotten us.

I don't know how anyone can have the gall to insinuate that the Obamas cannot relate to ordinary working folk. They did not come from the realms of the idle rich.

Oh well, let's go for the graphic comparison.

h/t to Markos whence I nabbed the image.
--the BB


FranIAm said...


However, people choose the way they want to see this and I feel so upset that we get the government and society we deserve.

Oh why Lord, oh why?


Jane R said...

As I often say, it's the triumph of ideology over facts.

It has something to do with culture, too, or subculture. Am trying to figure out how to articulate this.

+Maya Pavlova is choosing to take longer and longer naps. Perhaps it's to recover from all the agitation of recent weeks. Perhaps it's the arrival of fall. Then again, it could be the election.

Paul said...

Any of the reasons mentioned would more than justify her Feline Ladyship's napitose inclinations. She is an example to us all!

Come to think of it, my hibernation season approaches.