Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just because we're not talking about it doesn't mean the United States has stopped doing it

I have left this topic alone for way too long. Yes, the headlines, the votes, the brouhaha had all died down but the reality stills simmers away under a lawless regime.

Only one Senator attended the meeting yesterday (Carl M. Levin, D-Mich.) as an Air Force instructor testified.

The Washington Post reports:
What Kleinman witnessed in Baghdad in September 2003 prompted him to order a stop to three interrogations, and to warn his superiors that the military's interrogation practices were abusive and, in his opinion, illegal.

"I told the task force commander that the methods were unlawful and were in violation of the Geneva Conventions," he told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
We all, of course, were too excited, curious, anxious about the first presidential debate last night to pay much attention.

So I am posting this to keep us all aware.

Read the Post article here.

Read Digby's comments here. She observes: "This is the major reason I have such a visceral loathing of this man [John McCain]. Ask yourself what kind of a person would undergo torture, then help legalize it against others while falsely taking credit for standing against it? It's perverse and immoral in the extreme. It's evil."

Fight like hell to eliminate this evil from our nation.
--the BB

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