Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deliberate acts

Devilstower has a great post up today titled "Three Times Is Enemy Action." The title comes from an utterance by James Bond's nemesis, Goldfinger.

The tragic tale of deregulation is about far more than coincidence. It is about an ideology that is either naive, or stupid, or simply evil.

Devilstower concludes:

This is enemy action. This is a bullet deliberately fired into the economy by men willing to exercise their ideology regardless of the cost to taxpayers. Men who have every expectation that they can plunder the system again and again, while the public picks up the tab. John McCain may not have had his finger directly on the trigger, but he was there. He assisted. These were his personal friends and philosophical comrades. He may not be the high priest, but he has been a loyal acolyte in the cult of deregulation.

It may come as a surprise to the champions of deregulation, but nobody likes regulation. The restrictions that were placed on banks, S&Ls, and other institutions in the 1930s weren't put there because someone thought it would be fun. They were put in place because they addressed problems that had just been clearly and painfully revealed. They were put in place because they were necessary.

It's bad enough if John McCain didn't know that. It's far worse if he did.
Read it all here.

I am waiting for Condi to say "nobody could have imagined...." Only many of us did, and expected it. There is no surprise here. More's the shame.
--the BB

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