Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lest any of you harbor illusions

About the glamor of the recent road trip, that is, here is a dose of reality.

Much of the time the road looked like this:

Somewhere in the Arizona-California desert

And the scenery to the side was like this.

It has a beauty that I have come to appreciate more after living in high desert, though I rather prefer what Albuquerque really is: high grassland. With a river in the midst, gloriously adorned by the bosque.

We did not mind the vast spaces at all. Time to look, talk, nap, explore ideas vigorously, or just be in silence. All very companionable.

I admit, I would hate to drive it alone.
--the BB

1 comment:

FranIAm said...

The bos-key. Ahh, ABQ how I long for you.

(boskey is said with love not mockery!)