Thursday, September 04, 2008

Day One: Albuquerque NM to Kingman AZ

Thermy and Manuel oversee the packing. His Orthodox Majesty Maximiliano Cuauhtémoc Juárez Primo (aka Cocoa) naps in the background.

This is a shot taken from the parking lot of the Arizona Visitors Center just after we crossed into Arizona.

I really wanted to take photos of the western New Mexico countryside which so delighted me by its beauty that I had trouble keeping up coherent conversation, but I was driving. The photos that follow were taken when I was a passenger (so fear not, even though they were shot while moving).

On the road!

Looking out the passenger window (at 75 mph)

I think we have articulated a principle for our travel. No further in one day than we can go on one tank of gas. My Accord can go about 450 miles before the "low gas" light comes on, so that's still a good chunk of driving, but keeps us from driving to exhaustion.

In spite of which, since we were both up late last night getting ready, and up early again today, we are nonetheless exhausted. Fried, as it were. We found a hotel with a nice dining room and ate with white table cloths this evening.

I am trying to suppress nausea from watching the RNC.
--the BB


susan s. said...

So, How far did you get today? We just had a 4.2 earthquake centered in Alamo. I am guessing you didn't get to the Bay Area today?

Paul said...

Fresno today. The Bay area is slated for Sunday. Update shortly (with pix).