Thursday, September 04, 2008

The pithy response

H/t to Kos who shared this reader response

As we all know, people in power do not care for community organizers because they know they are threatened. The corporacrats of the GOP will not go down without fighting, using every means they can. Senator Obama represents everything they fear - non-whites and every other sort of NOKD ("not our kind, dearie") organizing to improve their lives by standing up to their economic "masters" and demanding an end to exploitation.

Governor Palin, who is feeling very empowered these days, is IMNSHO a tool of the power-brokers, just as Pilate was a tool of Roman imperial might. But she will do all she can to squash teh threat.
--the BB


Diane said...

good point! like the pithy quote. I'm reading a good book right now called The Citizen Solution, (published by Minnesota Historical Society Press) about increasing civic involvement, and also contains a little bit of populism too. The book begins with changing from a consumer government to a citizenship government, challenges both the orthodoxy of the right and left, I think.

even though I agree with you, there IS such a thing as "liberal elite", and I think that is why Palin appeals to so many.

Paul said...

Yes, there is a liberal elite and though I have long hung out with latté-drinking Berkeley liberals, I rather prefer populists an populism. Thanks for mentioning it. We do need to get back to an active and activist citizenry.

The liberal elite cannot begin to touch the conservative elite, however: the have mores, the captains of industry, and people with seven and more houses.

FranIAm said...

An active citizenry- yes!

While I do think that there is such a thing as the liberal elite, I think that what people react to in the press/media/society is the implication of what that means... and that is the problem.

Diane is so right though - this connects to people. I spent over 6 hours in a car with my friend (new friend, from church here) and I can feel the tug that Palin has for her.

My friend, while quite intelligent has almost always lived in and around suburban environments and comes from a big "pull your selves up" mentality... which there is nothing inherently wrong with, but there is if it puts others down.

I love what you say in your comment Paul - the liberal elite however can't touch the conservative elite... somehow in the media/society/etc they never appear as they are to the side that connects to them.

So much to contend with in less than 60 days now.

God have mercy and let's get going!

the cajun said...

Nice graphic. I heard this on the Diane Rehm show on Thursday morning on NPR. It came from a caller as the panel was discussing Palin's speech the night before, and pretty much left them speechless with this comment. The caller's voice was slow and determined so as to be understood by some of the more thick headed pundits.

Yesterday I heard it was repeated on Air America and today I received a bumper sticker graphic in the mail. I posted it at my site.

I've been lurking about your site for a while, but I had to comment on this.

Paul said...

Hello, Cajun. Glad you've been lurking and that you delurked to comment. Welcome.