Friday, September 05, 2008

Day Two: Kingman AZ to Fresno CA

We began the day at JB's Restaurant, a classic coffee shop with some classic cars parked out front. Check out these two hot rods.

We stopped in Barstow, California, and had green chile cheeseburgers (New Mexicans need their green chile requirement to be met), then checked out the Harvey House. It has been restored and now houses the Barstow Chamber of Commerce and the Route 66 Museum.

When they were boys, Bill and his brother rode the train from Los Angeles to Texas for a visit with their grandparents. On the way they had dinner at this Harvey House.

As we got very near my home town of Fresno, we stopped in Kingsburg, California, my father's home town. Back when he was a boy it really was a Swedish town with a large Swedish population. Over the years that has diminished but, imitating Solvang's success as a Danish village and tourist attraction, Kingsburg went for the Swedish village tourist angle. Totally false new facades and decoration but fun to look at. By now there are very few Swedes left. It may have been a decade ago that I went into the allegedly Swedish bakery and asked for Jul limpa (the Christmas version of Swedish orange rye bread). The young woman looked at me as though I had dropped down from another planet. She had never heard of such a thing. They sold it but no longer used the Swedish name for it.

In spite of what by now is extremely phony kitsch, it is nonetheless where my aunts and uncles and grandparents lived, so I had to stop.

I have lots more photos but it is late and the tour continues. Had dinner with my sister and her husband and had a nice time. I am sparing them blog notoriety but got some pics for my own collection.

We'll check out some Fresno nostalgia tomorrow morning before driving up to the wedding.
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

What a journey! It sounds like great fun and I so love the photos.

Have a GREAT time and keep us posted.

I can feel your lightness, your delight and happiness in these posts Paul, which is great.