Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day Ten: Flagstaff to Albuquerque

Today saw the final leg of our journey: a drive from Flagstaff, Arizona, back to Albuquerque and home.

I want to apologize for yesterday's photos. It seems I cleverly used a close-up setting for the cat and then forget to go back to the usual setting. As I took photos of distant objects they invariably turned out blurry. I wondered why, just as the shot of the San Francisco Peaks seemed to be in focus, it shifted to a blur when I pressed the shutter button. Now I know. I did not post those sad attempts - and they were a sore disappointment to me yesterday evening.

Here is a shot anyway.

And here is a picture of the moon above the sunset clouds.

This is a bluff overlooking a rest stop and tourist information spot just inside the New Mexico border.

I must say: the Arizona and New Mexico deserts are lovely. The California desert, not so much.

Wonderful to see the Sandias and be home again. Alas, I fly out tomorrow for another stint. Well, alas that I leave home, but not that I have gainful employment.

Thanks for the prayers for a safe journey and for comments while we traveled. There will be more photos in the near future since I shot more than I could post.

It was a good trip. A real treat to see at least some of the folks we love, though certainly not all. A rather rich collection of emotions around places we have been and lived in the past. No desire to go back to the past, but fun to see sites. Nostalgia meals (the configurations of people and locations and food) were fascinating. Always interesting to see how places have changed over time (and people, needless to say).

The journey of life, of course, never stops. Bill and I and our families and friends all journey on, following our sundry paths, experiencing ever-shifting configurations, deepening and enriching the texture of the cosmos in our own infinitesimally small corners.

¡Buen viaje!
--the BB

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