Thursday, September 11, 2008

This will be a quickie

Yes, I was in San Francisco two days ago: here you can see the famous Castro Theater (way off in the distance near the end of the block)!

I was also in East Oakland. Here is one of the signs for St. Cuthbert's that went up after I had left. I am so happy to see the church being announced like this!

It was a foggy day yesterday and this is a very unclear photo but it is of the Golden Gate Bridge viewed from Moeser Avenue in El Cerrito, a view I saw many times a week when I lived there.

Yesterday afternoon we visited the museum and gardens of the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa in downtown San Luis Obispo (commonly abbreviated, thus SLO).

This afternoon we arrived in Los Angeles, hoping to see the revamped Los Angeles County Museum of Art (we visited there often when we lived in West Hollywood). Well, it's closed on Wednesdays and does not open again until noon tomorrow. By then we plan to be at the Huntington Museum in Pasadena and on our way to thence to Palm Springs. The best-laid plans of men and mice (or ravens and bears) gang aft agley.

I have lots more photos and tales to tell but this is it for tonight, except to say we had dinner at The Gardens Of Taxco Restaurant in WeHo - total nostalgia. I remember eating there with my folks over thirty years ago. The idea is that it replicates eating in an upper class private home in Mexico City. No menu. You tell the waiter if you want beef, fish, chicken, or shrimp and he tells you what dishes are available. Once you choose that it all goes into motion. Chips and dip and hot pickled vegetables, then a mini-quesadilla with guacamole, then albondigas soup, then a beef enchilad, then your main course with rice and beans, and finally a dessert cup with banana slices in a creamy custard with a maraschino cherry on top. It has not changed in all these years. At a table across from us a Latino family was celebrating a birthday and the energy was wonderful. Except for our waiter giving a rote bit of patter on the menu we hardly heard a word of English during the whole meal, unless we were speaking it - and we spoke a lot in Spanish. Wonderful evening.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

How is it that I know not of the Gardens of Taxco??? Donde esta este restaurante in WeHo?

I was in Taxco for real in the summer of 2001. However I am not going to launch into a story about it today.

Paul said...

Fran, I know not how you could be unaware of said restaurant. I thought you had been everywhere and done everything in your young life. Does this mean I get to introduce you to something new? Next time you are carousing in Los Feliz, you might try it. It is on Harper just off Santa Monica Blvd. It seemed busier last night than when I used to go three decades ago, a very good sign.

FranIAm said...

Oh how toy with me in such a dastardly but endearing fashion...

Harper off of Santa Monica- quien sabes? La ultima vez!

Paul said...

What can I say, Fran? Your dear friends are Los Feliz dudes and Bill and I lived in WeHo, so it's our home turf. I drove through on Los Feliz Bd on my way to work every day for years but don't really know the area.