Monday, September 08, 2008

Day Four: Lodi to El Cerrito - partial

This is a partial post as I am having some trouble with my blogger link at the moment. One of my sister's nieces asked if I am always the one taking photos. Here are three (count them: 3!) pictures with me in them. Don't hold your breath for the next occurrence of this.

We had breakfast with my family this morning then drove across the Sacramento Delta, crossed into Antioch then on to Berkeley where we had lunch. Then we went up to the campus of the University of California (locally known as Cal; only outsiders call it the University of California at Berkeley). I took lots of pics but these few have to do for the moment.

The Doe Library reading room - now THAT's a library!

Me in front of Sather Gate:

The Doe from another angle

My godson Jack and me (totemically, he is another bear approaching life with a great heart and a hearty appetite for life):

Jack took this photo. L to R: my friend Bill, L. Wm. Countryman, retired NT professor at CDSP, me, Jack's father Jeremy. Mom and brother were inside.

OK, gang, gotta get to bed.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Oh Paul - that is a library, wow!

And if not for things like distance, my married life and (ahem) other matters, I would come chase you down. That smile would light up any room, any heart and any life.

You are blushing now, aren't you?

Jane R said...

Aaaaaargh! Give my love to Bill Countryman! I miss him. Am just getting on board here and it will take me days to catch up with your wonderful posts. Have a great time, love from +Maya Pavlova and me (Her Grace is still too frazzled from her move --see today's blog-- to write any pastoral letters), and please go to Café Fanny for a little something, and/or to Acme Bread, and/or to the Cheeseboard, and/or to Bittersweet (not far from where Bill lives) for DIVINE hot chocolate and croissant(s).

Happy times to you and all those you meet, my friend.

Kirstin said...

You were right here?

Eileen said...

You know Bill Countryman!


You look FAB Paul! And your godson looks to be a trooper! Blessings!

susan s. said...

So, let's see. You did this on Sunday, and posted shortly after midnight? You were 10 blocks from my house.

Love the pictures, especially loving the one with Bill Countryman in it. Do you know Louis Weil?

Earthbound Spirit said...

OK, Paul, now I'm truly impressed. I wrote on one of Countryman's essays for my Christian Ethics final exam, over a year ago. I liked the way he presented his arguments. Great photos!

Padre Mickey said...

Great photos! And Bill Countryman doesn't look any different than he did when I first came to CDSP twelve years ago.
If you see him again before you return to yer New Mexican digs, give him our love (I includes the Lovely Mona, of course!).

Paul said...

Yes, Kirstin, we were. The pilgrimage to the Cal campus is one of those requisite items when we are in Berkeley. Bill graduated there (major in Byzantine history) and I have taken continuing ed courses there (though I was a real student, for a while, at UCLA - go Bruins!)

Jack is a super kid - bright and loving. I am very proud of him.

Susan S., I had no idea where you live. If today were not so fully booked there would have been a general meetup with you and Kirstin.

We met Bill Countryman when he had just arrived at CDSP and have been friends ever since. I have never taken a course with him though i have read quite a few of his books and been blessed to hear him preach a number of times. We've worshiped together both at St Mark's and Good Shepherd and gone through bad and good times over the years.

Bill has a gift for some of the most lucid theological writing I have ever come across. I envy his gift of clarity in expression.

Yes, I've known Louis Weil for years too - first by reputation and then in person when he came to CDSP.

Yes, Mickey, L. Wm. seems not to age: quite spiteful of him but we love him anyway.

There is a gap in road trip presentation. I have had almost no computer time, my battery is low, I have been on the go all day and it's bedtime again. I have a very few pics today - visited with lots of friends. Off to San Luis Obispo tomorrow.

Fran, dear, I am flattered, of course. You will understand, I trust, if I am holding out for some studly admirers - and where are they, anyway? [I did get my ass grabbed today but it was not while I was in the Castro. It was this evening and by a dear friend who knows she can be playful with me and it's safe.]

Kirstin said...

Point being, I would have liked to have met you.

Lindy said...

You should post yourself more often Paul. You're very handsome.

Paul said...

Lindy, you got me blushing and I'm hardly awake yet this morning. Thanks, dear heart.

Paul said...

Kirstin, I know and I would have liked to see you in person and finally give you a real hug. My apologies. By the time we were near CDSP we were running late and I had no idea how long it would take to find someone and track you down so we forged on. I owe you one.

And now I find that Susan S. is in the area too. Next trip to the Bay Area will have to include a meet-up.

Kirstin said...

Thank you.