Saturday, September 13, 2008

I commend to your attention

Imprecatory Prayer of the Northern Wolves
Posted by MJS at Jesus' General.

An excerpt:
we are standing as sentries among the killers
this night we howl in their lives
this night will be all nights
and the killers will know us and fear sleep
and the killers will know us and fear sleep
May the northern wolves indeed invade the nights and dreams of the flying killers and may the flying killers know no rest, no peace, no sleep.

$150 bounty for each wolf foreleg from Her Brutal Wasillity.

Note: as others have asked on sites posting this video, BE WARNED: CRUELTY TO ANIMALS DEPICTED.

--the BB

1 comment:

FranIAm said...

I can't watch this video. And I am not the type to shrink away from things that are difficult to see, but having seen a couple of the other ones...

Palin and the wolves strikes me at two levels - one is that of hunting gone mad. I do not like hunting per se, but I have come to accept that others do. Hunters that I do know are clear on a quick kill and then have food use in mind for their prey, typically venison.

Like I said - that is not my thing, but I get it. This goes WAY beyond that boundary into a cruel landscape that I can't fathom.

The other thing is that this smacks of some kind of cruel control thing. I would call it a sort of wilderness bullying... She is for something that exists for no other reason than its cruel intent.