Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hats off to Her Majesty

Jordanian Coat of Arms courtesy of
the Jordanian Embassy to the United States

No, you dear, silly Episcopalian anglophiles, I do not mean Her Brittanic Majesty, Mrs. Mountbatten.

I refer, this time around, to Queen Rania of Jordan who has started her own channel on YouTube. I read about this at Juan Cole's Informed Comment (and recommend the post and its links to more videos with the queen.)

She is educated, articulate, drop-dead gorgeous but taken (I really don't want to offend King Abdullah II or Queen Rania here), and a great spokesperson for modern Islam.

She also knows how to take a David Letterman meme and use it brilliantly. I present, without further ado, the Top Ten Reasons she posts on YouTube.

Awesome, no?

Cole also notes:
The queen, who (like me) is a graduate of the American University in Cairo, worked at Citibank and Apple Computers in the region before marrying Abdullah bin Hussein of Jordan in 1993 (he is now King Abdullah II). She has been lauded for her work for women's rights in Jordan, and she is a new breed of queen, holding the rank of colonel in the Jordanian armed forces.

--the BB

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FranIAm said...

I really like Queen Rania. Of course I am also a bit of a Jordanophile as well.

Off to watch the vid! Thanks for the tip.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am a bit of a Paulophile too!