Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The out-of-body experience: a different kind of geography lesson

Map courtesy of the Perry-Castañeda Map
Collection at the University of Texas

No, I'm not talking astral travel, just my own silliness.

I have always wondered how far one would have to drive if one missed my exit from I-40. Last night I found out.

I was inattentive, listening to the Randi Rhodes show on the radio, you could say "spaced out." I usually get into the right-hand lane at least a mile in advance. This time I was barreling along in the left lane when I realized I had just caught a glimpse of my exit over to my right. "Glimpse" as in "that exit sign 90 degrees to your right is where you are supposed to be right now and you cannot neither bilocate nor, within the realm of physical possibility, alter the fact that you just went past your exit." You may be assured that I was well past the exit in the time it would have taken to think that sentence, even silently.


So I got to find out the answer to that long-standing question. I had a little geographical adventure.

I have driven I-40 west of here several times, I just had never been focused on this, not even when coming home from the road trip.

So, a little background: the Paseo del Volcán exit is the last Albuquerque exit. It is located up on the West Mesa. I take it heading south from I-40 in that lovely drive through lots of nothingness until I come to Dennis Chávez and turn east, descend from the mesa and, voilá, come to my home.

It was dark at this time so there was no delighting in scenery, just noting the miles.

And the answer is: the next exit is 9 miles further west at Rio Puerco and the Route 66 Casino.

So I had an 18-mile detour last night. Ah well, mistakes are how we learn.

I was very attentive tonight.

Yvette, if you are reading this I hope it triggers fond memories of my driving in New Orleans. Which is to say, I am hoping the memories are fond. I certainly did my best to provide amusement.

[Note to the rest of you: I knew my way around - I'm just scatterbrained.]
--the BB


Jane R said...

I-40! You gots it too?

So if I drive West on I-40 out of North Carolina into Tennessee (which I have done) and keep going, I'll get to you?


Your word verification is "evolyah."

Padre Mickey said...

That'll teach you to listen to Randi Rhodes!
I used to listen to her but she went stark raving bonkers during the campaign and I just couldn't take it anymore.

Glad you finally made it home!

word verification is cruck, as in "What a cruck of feces" which may be a comment on my comment.

Paul said...

Yes, Jane. From Wilmington, North Carolina, to Barstow, California, with Albuquerque on the way.

Evolyah suggests that Blogger believes YHWH creates through evolution?

Paul said...

Padre, I don't enjoy her as much as I used to a couple of years ago. But having lived without liberal talk radio for half a year I need a bit on the old commute. A bear shall not live by rock alone.