Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is fascinating

Love them, hate them, or not know what to think of them - the Code Pink peace activists have ovaries. I just read a post by orangecloud115 about the dialogue some of them have had with President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Some of them are in Iran right now. No preconditions, it seems. Very interesting, as is the realistic (to me) assessment that Jodie Evans gave on the subject of trusting Ahmadinejad.
I look at trust in an interesting way. I trust people to be who they are. So, in witnessing who he is, I trust him to be a fundamentalist Muslim leader of a country that's quite wary of another country - an Imperialist country that has definitely violated the trust of that country in the past. I think he's got anger from being left out. I trust him to behave from that place.

I watched him and I saw someone who was very intelligent, that was able to use humor, that was able to connect on a human level, but also when he spoke about his commitment to peace I saw that he doesn't think much about freedom, that he's very committed to his religion and the ideals of that religion, not in the sense of freedom but in the sense of control. Very "it knows what's right" - not in ways that me feel good - I felt he couldn't see his own shadow.

He talked a lot about his commitment to peace but I didn't see any of the tenets of peace in that conversation, so I'd love to be able to have a deeper conversation with him about exposing to him the places that I find that don't coincide with what he says, but I didn't get to do that.

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