Monday, December 29, 2008

There is much to say

There is much to say about Somalia, Gaza, the economy, 2008 in retrospect, female genital mutilation in Kurdistan, Pakistan and India, a Canadian avalanche, voting in Bangladesh, etc. I have been doing things other than blogging lately and lack the energy to add my commentary to it all, except to note that Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite and asshole of the highest order (see link on economy above). Some of you will recall (with varying degrees of horror) my comments about obstructionists and chainsaws. McConnell's latest antics bring that mood back. I am sure there are good people in Kentucky who deserve better than Mitch. I hope they can organize and kick him out of office so far that his sorry ass lands several states away. Perhaps Gitmo.

I know that I don't really care about Bristol Palin whelping. Teenage boys knocking up teenage girls and babies ensuing is hardly news. Happens all the time (including among my own relatives in several generations). Ho. Hum. Anyone who gives a shit - outside the circle of family and friends, for whom it is legitimately a cause of wonder and joy - needs a life.

We now have a study showing that those who take virginity-until-marriage pledges are just as likely to have premarital sex as those who take no such vows - and are more likely to do so unsafely. How can this surprise anyone? Ignorance, denial, and fantasy do not make a recipe for happy outcomes.

Wait. Was I typing about premarital sex or Bush administration policies? In either case, somebody gets screwed with predictable consequences.

Ugh. Much too grumpy for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

In happier news: 20 days and 22 hours until Chimpy McCokespoon is out of office.

God loves this world. I need to remember this and take a deep breath.

Let us not only pray for peace in the world but also work for it.
--the BB

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