Sunday, December 28, 2008

Continuing the heart thread - 12/28/2008

Here is an update on my friend BJ's father (original prayer request here):
Just got back on line. I knew you would be my life line….It has been an amazing few days…my niece has spent time with him every day….this is the first we’ve seen of her since my mom’s funeral 2 ½ years ago. He is never alone…friends, folks I would have never thought of have shown up, sent him food, flowers, love….people I think he’s been mean to, are even there. He is getting worse and the doctor’s can’t figure out why…more tests tomorrow. I’ve slept in his room the last two nights…he sleeps better when there is someone there he knows. His personal nurses have been great…it is much more comforting than I expected…your loving prayers have helped beyond measure..
--BJ in Oakland

Thanks for the prayers and keep 'em coming.
--the BB

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