Saturday, January 03, 2009

Take the kids to work day

Based on historic precedent, work will get very busy next Monday and on throughout January. So we took advantage of the last slow day for a work visit yesterday.

Here you can see Belle on the left and Eddie and Maggie on the right, hanging out at Aunt Jen's desk.

And here are Dillinger, Norbert, Vic, and Carlo (they brought their attorney just in case). Carlo's magistrate's wig is a bit askew.

There were no incidents (that I'm aware of) and we all got home safely.

I detoured to a friend's birthday party, which was fun. Terrific eats.

Planning to see Milk this evening, so a review may be forthcoming.

Maggie and Belle give a shout out to Grandmère Mimi.
--the BB

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