Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crimes agains humanity - updated with video

A doctor from Johns Hopkins University I interviewed for the story says that the scale of death and human suffering may be greater than Cambodia under Pol Pot, and that international inaction is reminiscent of the the neglect of the Rwandan genocide

You may read more at Episcopal Cafe.

The people of Zimbabwe need deliverance from a power-hungry madman. The world dithers.

Crooks and Liars has a post on this by Cernig.

Physicians for Human Rights report:
PHR found that the Mugabe government has withheld food aid, seed, and fertilizer to rural provinces in order to starve political opponents; that the regime nationalized and then withheld routine support for municipal water and sewer systems from cities that elected political opponents; that the health care infrastructure and the economy itself is nearing utter collapse; corruption is the rule not the exception; and that the regime brutally silences critics to cover its crimes, profound corruption and incompetence (see report here).

A Sky News video report:

--the BB