Thursday, January 15, 2009

The results of inbreeding

Twittus insularis

Glenn Greenwald penned a couple of righteous paragraphs today anent the clamor in the Village that prosecutions not take place.
The word "liberal" has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last eight years. All that has been necessary to qualify is a belief in such radical, exotic and fringe-leftist concepts as search warrants before the Government can eavesdrop on our communications; due process before the state can encage people for life; adherence to decades-old Geneva Conventions restrictions which post-World-War-II America led the way in implementing; and the need for an actual, imminent threat from another country before we bomb, invade, occupy and destroy it.

Now added to the pantheon of "liberal" dogma is the shrill, ideological belief that high government officials must abide by our laws and should be treated like any other citizen when they break them. To believe that now makes you not just a "liberal," but worse: a "liberal score-settler." Apparently, one can attain the glorious status of being a moderate, a centrist, a high-minded independent only if one believes that high political officials (and our most powerful industries, such as the telecoms) should be able to break numerous laws (i.e.: commit felonies), openly admit that they've done so, and then be immunized from all consequences. That's how our ideological spectrum is now defined.
Put me down as shrill, OK?

And don't forget to add "liberal score-settler" whenever you speak of me.

I can deal with that.

[For those new to national political discussion, "the Village" refers to the insular inside-the-Beltway world of Washington, DC, pundits whose social and intellectual lives are closely intertwined (and inbred), who consider themselves experts on all things and are frequently, and egregiously, wrong. But that doesn't matter as they agree among themselves.]
--the BB

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