Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pusillanimous asshats - updated with link & graphic

The Baltimore Sun reports:
Sitting at a conference table in his Capitol office, Rep. Steny Hoyer picked up a Capitol Hill newspaper and draped it in front of his face, like a veil.

"I don't work for Obama," declared the front-page headline, in large black type.

The words came from the Senate's top Democrat, Harry Reid of Nevada. But Hoyer of Maryland, the number-two Democrat in the House, wanted to echo the sentiment.

Hoyer told a group of journalists seated around the table that while he's excited to see Barack Obama become president, he hopes that the Democratic Congress will live up to its constitutional duty to check the power of the executive.

Can you believe people like this? What happened? Were their balls returned from Dick Cheney's person-sized vault at the undisclosed location?

NOW they're going to live up to their constitution duty?

Why now and not during the past two presidential terms?

Karl Rove must have photos.

Here's a clue for you, Harry and Steny (and Nancy): You will NEVER redeem your reputation for rolling over for George Bush.

Yes, you should uphold checks and balances, but your utter failure to do so will, and should, haunt you to your graves. Your failure to impeach a sitting president who acknowledged violating the laws of the United States is forgivable in heaven but should NEVER be forgiven politically. It is a form or treason and in the court of my none-too-charitable heart I hold you in contempt of the Constitution.

Frankly, I would like to impeach you for failure to uphold the constitution as your oath requires. Don't think starting now will erase your betrayal of the American People when it really counted.

What part of "you have NO credibility left" is hard to grasp?

OK, here's my attempt at compromise. If you PUBLICLY AND VIGOROUSLY support every effort to open and hold investigations to bring out the truth of the lawlessness of the Bush Regime and get it all on the record - obtaining the documents and testimony that you allowed them to withhold for so long - and bring accountability back WITHOUT TOSSING IT ALL IN THE MEMORY HOLE IN THE NAME OF "MOVING FORWARD," then I will acknowledge that you did your job, late but eventually. Otherwise you may continue reading my middle digit.

h/t to Kula2316
--the BB

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