Friday, January 16, 2009

Wonderful news

I just got an e-mail from my friend JoAnne.
Dear Friends,

I just hung up from the chair of the search committee proclaiming by unanimous vote of the vestry an invitation to become the new rector of ____. I'm so excited and scared at the same time.... Please pray for me because I need it on all levels.

With Love,
With great joy let us hold her and the people before God.

JoAnne did her field ed at St Cuddy's while in seminary and became a dear friend. She is also an artist and I have a lovely painting by her of a female nude in my living room. She is a person of great heart and dedication. Her life in the church has had the challenges, heartbreak, and frustration that many vicars know - and yet she has the most resilient joy and trust in God.

May heaven open and pour every blessing upon her and the congregation with whom she will minister.
--the BB


Jane R said...

Wonderful! I know JoAnne as a colleague and student - not as well as the BB does, but enough to know what a fine and dedicated and caring person she is. I still remember when she became a vicar. It is really good to hear of this call as rector. Prayers of thanksgiving and blessing.

Padre Mickey said...

So, where's she going? We were classmates and stuff, but Jo Anne and the Lovely Mona were close friends.

Paul said...

When I know I can release details I will name the place. I wanted to celebrate before I had a chance to talk with JoAnne and thus felt I should exercise some discretion - for a change. (Location sent offline to Mickey).

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Joy and all the Best for her!