Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Heart thread - 02/03/2009

A blessed feast of St Anskar to you all. (Cf. the wonderful post chez Mimi.)

We have new prayer requests:
  • for Frank living with leukemia
  • for Dorian with a recent diagnosis of MS and for Huguette, her mother
  • for David as he looks for work

In these times we especially remember the unemployed, the underemployed, the overworked, and those who struggle with desperation and despair.

Y'all know what to do and you do it well.

Descend, Holy Spirit of Life!
Come down into our hearts, that we may live.
Descend into emptiness, that emptiness may be filled.
Descend into the dust, that the dust may flower.
Descend into the dark, that the light may shine in the darkness. Amen.

—Frances Caryll Houselander

--the BB