Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mother of the Godsons in town - with shout out to Godson Jack and his brother Evan

After church it was time for brunch - la Nancita and the goddads.

Here I am with Nancy, mother of my godson Jack (whom you've met before). Yes, that's a Christmas tree behind us but Candlemas isn't until tomorrow.

And here she is with the hamming-it-up goddad of her other son Evan. (His smile came a fraction of a second after this picture was snapped, something I wished I'd noticed when I had the chance to shoot again.)

Doesn't she have a radiant smile? She is heaps of fun and it was a real joy to see her today. Lots of catching up stories.

And here is a shot of the venerable goddads for the godsons:

Hi, guys! Love to you both from the wilds of New Mexico.

I won't tantalize Jane R with a description of the Russian dinner Bill served last night - I wasn't there but I know the dishes well enough to visualize it all.

На здоровье!
--the BB


FranIAm said...

What lovely photos. And you are just too gorgeous, you really are.

Jane R said...

Such sweet venerables...

Paul said...

Et nondum iacent in fossa

(With apologies to Beda)