Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a very happy bear tonight

Back in August 2006 when I moved from California to New Mexico, one of my kids got packed by mistake. All the rest were where they were supposed to be for this move: in the car with me.

It was not immediately evident but before long I realized that I had not seen Molesy since California.

I was devastated.

Malachi Matthew Melchizedek Mole is my eldest. He and Otter the Great joined the family on Christmas Day 1978. Molesy is quite mellow, rather bean bag in physical bearing, a superior story teller and all-around party mole. At some point he got clean and sober but is still very good for late night stories and jokes and gives excellent cuddle.

Whenever I thought of Mole I would grieve and pray that he was all right and hope that he might yet show up.

I came home tonight and returned the trash and recycling bins to their places and glanced around the garage. As I work on recycling my mountains of cardboard, more and more space opens up. I looked at a couple of containers that had been hiding for quite some time. I opened the top one that had "ikons" among its labels. It is the set of five large icons that together form a stunning deisis. They had hung in the church, some of them coming out on certain feasts. A bulto of Mary Magdalene from Guatemala was also in there along with some exotic fabrics. I brought all those items inside.

Underneath were two large green plastic tubs. I opened the top one and rummaged around a bit when I spotted Molesy.

You cannot imagine my joy, me relief, my remorse, my delight. I was going to stick with Diet Pepsi this evening but celebrated with some leftover BBQ, ice cream, and a touch of chocolate bunny (I believe in making Easter last 50 days).

Mole is right next to me as I type this, along with his coeval bro, Otter.

Life is good in Desert Farne tonight.

Based on the biblical models of Luke 15 it seemed appropriate to share my joy with others.

Peace out!
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

I join you in your celebration, my crazy friend. See ya.

Raven~ said...

Bogomir, Onesimos, Rozhda' and all the rest send their greetings to His Orthodox Majesty, and huggles to Molesy!

Jane R said...

Woo hoo! We await photos of Otter and Molesy. Thank you for sharing the happy news.

it's margaret said...

Welcome home Mole! I look forward to a picture!

Paul said...

Cocoa and Molesy and all the rest send greetings to your family, Raven!