Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Brennan's non-answer

Just because I have not posted much about FISA and warrantless wiretapping lately you surely have not concluded that it no longer matters or that I have forgotten.

John Brennan is a holdover of Bush's counterterrorism team now working for Obama. He speechified today and got asked a question.

You can read about Brennan's evasive response here. Emptywheel concludes:
Here, Brennan is suggesting either that the aspects of the program that have come out in the press aren't the aspects he was involved in, or that the reporting on it has been inaccurate. Or rather, "either" ... "and/or." No matter which conjunction you use, he's avoiding admitting he was involved in Bush's illegal surveillance program by simply claiming the parts he was involved in haven't been accurately portrayed, if they've been portrayed at all.

But worse than Gonzales, Brennan is making an appeal to following orders.

I fulfilled all my responsibilities at NCTC [National Counterterrorism Center] that I was asked to fulfill. ... And when I look back in terms of my service at the NCTC and those places I believe I fulfilled those responsibilities to the best of my abilities.

We don't really give a goddamn whether you fulfilled all the orders Dick Cheney gave you, Mr. Brennan. We want to know how many of those orders were illegal. How many of those orders did you know to be illegal?


--the BB

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