Saturday, September 26, 2009

Heart thread - 09/2/2009

Massive Storm Hits Philippines
by Cpt Robespierre

Pacfic Typhoon Ondoy (aka Tropical Storm Ketsana) is the name.

From what we know it sounds like the storm itself may be far worse in some respects than Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday, in the span of six hours, more than 13 inches of rain hit the Manila area, with rain continuing much longer at a somewhat slower rate. Rivers are overflowing catastrophically, much like the breached levees in NOLA. I've been following the mess from a relative there, and she's been posting a lot of videos from people she knows.

CNN reported 41,00 were evacuated and there are at least 50 confirmed deaths reported, but that will certainly rise soon.

Let us pray for those in danger from rains, winds, and flooding.

I ask your prayers for Bp Marc Andrus of California who has surgery this coming Monday.

I ask your continued prayers for the Rev Sandra Bess that infections may be beaten down under her feet and that she may recover strength soon.

For those who depart a "cardinal parish" and for those who remain.

Margaret has lots of prayers to offer and we can join in.

For all churches whose titular saints are holy angels, that their patronal celebrations may be blessed, including St Michael and All Angels, Albuquerque, and San Gabriel, Corrales, NM.

For restoration of legal process for all held at Guantánamo.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascendíng!

Fran said...

Prayers for one and all, prayers and more prayers.