Saturday, October 10, 2009

The bear is tired - updated

Yesterday at noon I picked up the church keys. On the way home I stopped at the church.

Since I no longer have all the files I used to have from earlier computers and different software, I do not have masters of worship books just sitting and waiting to be printed. So this morning I did the tedious cutting and pasting to put a Eucharistic liturgy into a 12-page folded booklet. If you have ever done something like this, you know you have to arrange the two half-pages on one sheet so you have pages 12-1, 2-11, 10-3, 4-9, 8-5, and 6-7. (I used to have PageMaker which assembled all that for me.) Much simpler doing the lesson insert, though still requiring attention. I'm glad I have done so many things like this in the past or I would have been lost.

Today I stopped at the church again and took some measurements, verified a few items.

Then I went shopping. Stopped first at the wrong branch of a church supply store - which wasted time but gave me exercise walking 7 blocks each way from my car. It was a beautiful fall day and nice to be out. Granted, the balloon crowd made for some congestion - on the roads and on the sidewalks (this was Old Town).

Headed further east for the main store. Oops, I-40 has three (count them, three) lanes closed up ahead.

Finally got to the store. Picked up items that were not in the church: a pall, corporals, purificators, hosts, communion wine. Actually, everything but the wine. Was headed home when I remembered that and circled back. They are not a liquor store so there was paperwork with the sale of altar wine.

Stopped at a supermarket. I picked up some food for me but also got hand soap for all the bathrooms at the church. Some bottled water to mingle with the wine (not putting ABQ tap water in, thanks). And a gallon of purified water for holy water. No sense in blessing just a bit at a time.

Stopped to have copies made. Thirty copies of a service booklet with Holy Eucharist II, Eucharistic Prayer A. (There are no prayer books in the church.) Fifteen copies of tomorrow's lessons.

Got home and harvested a few small tomatoes. Had my only meal of the day.

Blessed holy water. I use the full traditional ritual, exorcising salt and water first - English translation of the old Rituale Romanum. I don't mess around when it comes to holy water.

Stapled service booklets and folded those and the lesson inserts.

Assembled, in addition to items already mentioned, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, regular towels for the sacristy, pruning shears for flowers, matches, altar candles and candle holders, a San Damiano crucifix, a couple of icons, sponges, and stuff I have already forgotten.

I am still working on a sign for out front. For now, it's hand painted or nothing.

Hemmed a piece of green African fabric that was just the right size for a frontal.

Will work on the sign and the sermon.

A new adventure. A new ministry.

Brother Bear's Traveling Salvation Show is almost ready.

To bed shortly.

Thanks for your prayers, everybody.

UPDATE: Sign completed. To bed.

--the BB


David said...

beloved brother bear may be tired but he also sounds tremendously alive- praise God.
and his Saturday sounds poetically radiant- threading together the details & artifacts of that sacredness where earth and heaven meet.
so, a grrrrrrrrreat bigggg huggggggg to brother bear
with love and prayers for a wondrous first Sunday which sees brother bear continuiously surprised by grace and all the other good stuff


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

All the best to you, my industrious friend!

Fran said...

So many prayers, I felt tired reading about it all. I can somewhat imagine where you are when you write of ABQ and I think of beautiful fall days there. Ahhh...

Doing that worship aid is hard work, I feel for you! But it was not doubt a labor of love too. Still tiring!

Many prayers and much love for you. Please pray for my friend Carol, she fell asleep in the Lord on Friday after a long and arduous trek with cancer. She trekked with remarkable grace and was always a person of light.

You have remarkable grace yourself, dear bear, dear Paul. Peace to you and gratitude to and for you.

Paul said...

Thanks, everyone. Prayers for Carol, of course, and for those who mourn her passing. May she rest in peace and rise in glory!

it's margaret said...

OH Wow! God bless you! How wonderful! (they are sooooo lucky!)