Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I bless God for you

Come Holy Spirit,
fill the hearts
of your faithful people
and kindle in them
the fire of your Love.


Michael said...

I too acclaim him!
Michael Munro

Paul said...

Welcome, Michael!

Michal Anne said...

nice--those words really evoke Tom's presence. The ending of prayer and the beginning of conversation.

Jane R said...

Happy Birthday and prayers of Thanksgiving for Tom and all the OHCs!

Padre Mickey said...

One of my most fond memories of our time in Berkeley is of walking down the hill past the Priory on my way to Andronico's and Tom hanging out of a window, shouting to me, just because he wanted to say "hello!"

Belated Birthday greetings to Tom.

Paul said...

Bill and I raised a glass of very nice wine at dinner tonight to toast Tom.